Polyurethane composite thermal insulation sandwich pannel,Metal thermal insulation pannel.
Wide or narrow brick style PU pannel
17:03 05-08-2020
pu pannel
The surface of the metal carving board is a high quality color relief decorative metal plate treated by special layer, and the middle layer is a rigid high density polyurethane foam thermal insulation layer treated by flame retardant.
The bottom is a protective layer of aluminium foil which has the function of heat insulation and moisture proof. It has the characteristics of heat insulation, waterproof and flame retardant, lightweight and anti-seismic, convenient construction, sound insulation and noise reduction, green environmental protection, beautiful and durable, and is not affected by season because of its safe and convenient board assembly.
1. Intermediate layer polyurethane foam is made by imported equipment through high-pressure foaming. The polyurethane is tightly connected with steel plate, the foaming is more uniform, and the temperature change will not bulge up.
2. The world's advanced production technology has been introduced, and all the equipment has been imported. The quality of the plate produced is stable.
3. Aluminum-plated fiberglass cloth with good water-proof and fire-proof is used on the back to prevent water vapor from intruding into board and building wall, so as to enhance the thermal insulation effect of board and facilitate construction.

Metal carving boards have the following characteristics:
1. Make buildings warm in winter and cool in summer. In winter, the indoor can store more heat, the room temperature is stable, and the "free heat" generated by the indoor itself can be utilized; in summer, the external thermal insulation layer can reduce the combined effects of solar radiation and high temperature, and the surface temperature of the external wall and the indoor temperature can be reduced.
2. The cold bridge can be avoided effectively. Cold bridges often occur in the reinforced concrete columns, ring beams, floor slabs, sun angles and other sensitive parts of buildings. Cold bridges not only cause additional heat loss, but also make the inner surface of the outer wall wet, frost, and even mildew and running water. External wall insulation system can eliminate the existence of cold bridges to the greatest extent.
3. It can prolong the service life of buildings. External wall insulation system is the internal brick wall or concrete is protected. The temperature change inside the wall caused by outdoor climate change only occurs in the insulation layer of the external wall, which increases the temperature of the main wall in winter, decreases the temperature in summer, changes the temperature smoothly in four seasons and decreases the thermal stress. Therefore, cracks, deformation and damage of the main wall can be prevented, and the service life can be extended. Long.
4. It has excellent aesthetic decoration. The exterior surface can imitate natural stone, metal-like aluminium-plastic panel curtain wall, aluminium veneer curtain wall, decorative tiles and other decorative effects, to meet the high-grade appearance decoration requirements.
5. It has high performance-price ratio and convenient installation. Light weight, dry operation, pollution-free, fast construction. For the renovation project of the restaurant, there is no need for grass-roots treatment, directly installing hanging boards, thermal insulation and decoration in one, the cost-effective advantage is great.

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