Polyurethane composite thermal insulation sandwich pannel,Metal thermal insulation pannel.
Plain style Polyurethane composite thermal insulation pannel
17:01 05-08-2020
Polyurethane composite thermal insulation pannel

1. Heat preservation, insulation and energy saving:
 Polyurethane composite thermal insulation pannel have excellent thermal insulation properties. Compared with traditional exterior wall thermal insulation decoration materials, they have excellent cold resistance and thermal insulation properties. The energy consumption of heating and refrigeration is reduced to a great extent, thus saving energy expenditure. The product has a high cost performance ratio.
2. Easy installation and cost saving:
The installation method of metal carving board is simple and fast. It is not limited by seasonal climate and geographical environment. It is suitable for all the year round. Significantly shortening the project cycle not only accelerates the progress of the project, but also saves the construction cost and reduces the comprehensive cost. Metal carving boards achieve decoration and thermal insulation effect, while minimizing the load on the external wall and enhancing the availability of space and land.
3. Seismic and crack-proof with light weight and low cost:
Metal carving board has light weight, high strength and good impact resistance. Its light weight not only reduces the burden of the building itself, but also greatly reduces the impact of the earthquake on the building. The plate is installed on the building of light steel structure, which has strong integrity, anti-seismic and anti-cracking, and is strong and safe.
4. Flame-retardant, waterproof and moisture-proof plates:
After special treatment, the metal carving board has good flame retardant performance and safety. Traditional exterior wall decoration materials generally have problems such as degraded base materials caused by water permeability and cold penetration, which lead to water seepage on interior walls. The excellent self-structure of the integral board for external wall insulation and decoration and the compact concave-convex inserting and fastening groove installation method between the plates avoid the structural damage caused by the circulation of rain, snow, freezing, thawing, drying and wetting. After installation, the worry of water seepage on the wall surface is eliminated, and the phenomenon of mildew on the interior wall surface is effectively avoided. Even in cold areas, the stable external wall thermal insulation and decoration integrated panel has no worries about water seepage and deformation, and prolongs the service life of the building.
5. Sound insulation, noise reduction, quiet and comfortable:
The core material in the middle of the metal carving board is a sound insulation layer composed of high density polyurethane foam, and its internal structure is an independent closed bubble structure, which has good sound insulation effect. It is suitable for apartments, hospitals, schools and other buildings near noise areas. It can effectively reduce outdoor noise and keep indoor environment quiet and comfortable.
6. Green environmental protection and durability:
PU pannel have stable chemical and physical structure, will not decompose mildew, no radiation, no pollution, green environmental protection. The board can also be flexibly disassembled, reused and installed in other buildings, and the remaining edge materials can be recycled and reused. In the construction process, construction waste can be reduced to a large extent. It is a high-quality, high-performance environmental protection product. Exterior wall thermal insulation decoration integrated board is easy to clean, durable, long service life.
7. Wide range of applications:
PU pannel can be widely used in municipal construction, apartment housing, office hall, villas, garden attractions, old building renovation, Guard Post Pavilion and many other engineering fields. This building material is not only suitable for new brick-concrete structure, frame structure, steel structure, light-weight building and other types of buildings, but also suitable for energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, as well as indoor and outdoor decoration. Exterior wall thermal insulation decoration integrated board is becoming the first choice of more and more wall thermal insulation decoration building materials.

PU pannel

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