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Development Direction of metal sandwich pannel
17:03 05-08-2020
Our company holds collective learning on improving environmental protection and preventing environmental pollution. We should deepen our understanding of the situation of environmental protection, correctly grasp the nature of environmental protection, deepen the reform of environmental protection, deepen the reform and opening-up of environmental protection, resolutely fight against and resolve major risks, including financial risks, and promote the healthy development of environmental protection industry in China.
The company leader made a speech. Environmental protection work is an important core competitiveness of the country. China's environmental protection development has made historic achievements. We have orderly promoted the development of environmental reform and environmental governance, the rapid development of new environmental protection materials, the orderly promotion of reform and opening up, the increasing abundance of new environmental protection products, and the strengthening and improvement of environmental supervision. The market structure, management concept, innovation ability and service level of metal carving board in China have met the requirements of high-quality economic development.
PU pannel
New environmental protection materials should serve the real economy and meet the needs of economic and social development and the people. Environmental protection is the blood. We should deepen the production of metal carving boards and walk out of the characteristic road of new environmental protection materials with Chinese characteristics.
To deepen the structural reform of metal carving board supply side, we must implement the new development concept, strengthen the production function of metal carving board, and find out the key points of environmental protection. We should focus on the structural adjustment and optimization of new environmental protection materials, optimize the production and after-sales of metal carving boards, and provide more high-quality metal carving boards for the development of real economy. We should build multi-level, wide coverage and different production lines, correct development concepts, adhere to market demand-oriented, actively develop personalized, differentiated and customized metal carving products, and increase the number of small and medium-sized enterprises and business proportion. We need to build a standardized, transparent, open, dynamic and resilient building materials market. It is necessary to provide quality and quantity metal carving panels around the construction of industrial system, market system, regional development system and green development system of modern economy. Promote a change in the structure and quality of metal carving boards. Choose those in line with the direction of national industrial development, the main industry is relatively focused on the production and maintenance of new insulation materials.
The production of entity new environmental protection materials is the basis of environmental protection. Strengthen the role of environmental protection and production regulation of metal carving boards, and insist on promoting the production of high-quality metal carving boards.


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